Educational Teach necessity Expands to Nigeria in Order to Increase Educational Access
Educational Teach the Need, an Educational nonprofit, has just extended to Nigeria, helping it to provide cheap instructional support to a new clientele. After successfully assisting those who would otherwise struggle to obtain tutoring in the United States and Canada, the organization has shifted focus to North Africa, where it has already assisted thousands.

Let’s try looking at what Train to Need has accomplished in Nigeria thus far, as well as the organization’s overall accomplishments and it came to whatever is today.

Teach to Needs Background.

Teach the Need was founded in 2018 by a group of Toronto high school students. They become aware of the difficulties young people have while looking for a tutor after working at a local library. This is due not just to a lack of availability and expensive costs, but also to practical factors such as access to transportation.

Sunny Cui, the company’s founder, ran into the same issues while running his personal tutoring business, recognizing that only pupils from wealthy families could support his charges. Those facing greater socioeconomic hardships, on the other hand, had limited education options.

Teach the Necessity Although it serves people of all ages, it primarily provides one-on-one tuition in Mathematics, Science, or English, as well as mental health assistance to young people. Its mentors include mental health counselors and youth counselors who provide in-person assistance, as well as volunteers who provide online services.

Teach the Need now has headquarters in the founder’s team’s home nation in Canada — despite having been one of the world’s most wealthy nations and having a strong education system, access to help is not ubiquitous.

However, the organization is now broadening access even further by expanding beyond North America.


Nigerian Expansion.

Teach the Need chose Nigeria as its expansion objective due to the team’s links to the country, which make it a prime candidate. The President of the team is Chizoba Adegboye.

Nigeria has grown fast in recent years but has always faced issues in terms of Educational provision. Its social services also require development.

The United Nations advises that nations devote approximately 26% of their resources to education, however, Nigeria’s contributions fall short of this mark, implying that many schools are undervalued. Even if Educational institutions receive the necessary funding, administrators may use a portion of the funds for themselves rather than for supplies or teacher wages. Furthermore, there are issues such as obsolete curriculums and inadequate infrastructure in education libraries.

All of this influenced Teach the Need’s choice to concentrate on the country, or the team believed that their skills and local experience could make a substantial difference.

So far, achievements.

Teach the Need presently has over 50,000 students registered across all of its sites. In the meanwhile, there are over 2,000 teachers. Volunteers make up over 80% of the crew, and their dedication to Educational opportunities has been critical to the project’s success.

Teach the Need has a strong social media presence, which it uses to reach a bigger audience and recruit volunteers, raise awareness, and raise funds. It has over 75,000 Instagram followers.


One small step to educational democratization.

Teach the Need’s extension in Africa is a watershed moment in the organization’s history, and it has already impacted thousands. But, with many more youngsters still unable to receive tutoring or mental health treatments, the group has no plans to slow down.

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