Medtech startup 'Welcome' aims to address the healthcare issue.

The HMI Group will shortly introduce “Healthcare direct to your door,” the new model for private healthcare.

It is apparent that change is required when people in the public healthcare system must wait 18 weeks for attention. Thanks to The HMI Group, private healthcare Medtech is now expanding and going digital.
Their most recent project, “Welcome,” is an all-in-one platform that aims to revolutionize healthcare by giving patients access to quicker, more inexpensive treatment in the convenience of their own homes.

Why is a digital healthcare platform required?

This new approach aims to address a number of issues that could come up when someone needs treatment.

First of all, being tested can be a time-consuming and demanding process. Some people may be too ashamed to get tested for their diseases at all. By enabling consumers to covertly order a test and have it delivered to their door, Welzo allays these worries. Only a tiny Medtech pinprick of blood is needed for the sample, which can be easily obtained by the person in their own house. However, some tests may call for a different kind of sample. After the sample is sent to the lab, the user receives the results through email.

Private Tests in the Convenience of Your Home

The testing kits will accommodate all necessary requirements, including those who want to improve their fertility Medtech or athletic performance as well as those who need crucial information about their ongoing health issues or food intolerances, among others. Typically, the user collects the tests using a straightforward finger-prick blood test package, which is then sent to a lab for examination.

Direct delivery of medication to your door.

The online consultation tool can be very helpful to choose the best course of treatment from the various possibilities offered by Welzo’s online pharmacy after the testing results have been assessed by AI technology and evaluated by medical experts.

Enhanced Well-being.

The Welcome website provides a variety of alternatives for both testing and treatment so that it can meet the needs of a particular person. The system offers Medtech both a one-time purchase option for particular tests and a prescription model for people who want to have routine health examinations.

Welzo’s Tiredness Screens, in Dr. Nakeda’s opinion, will be very helpful for patients.

Direct access to affordable, high-quality medical treatment for patients.

Frustration and stress don’t have to be a constant part of healthcare. Welcome wants to make sure that people can maintain a healthy lifestyle and address any issues as soon as they occur.
Many people now have easy access to a wealth of knowledge about health-related issues. Welcome gives users access to rapid information when they need them.
The technology makes it simple to get the necessary testing and information, but it also produces quicker findings, reducing waiting periods, according to Dr. Nakeda.

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