Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry of notorious murder trial case

2007 saw the horrific murder trial of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry. In this case, both the sufferer and the offender were teenagers. According to some accounts, the murderer was 16 years old while the victim, Gabriel Kuhn, was only 12 years old.

Because they lived in the same neighbourhood and were playing the exact same game, Tibia, both were ardent gamers who got along. Their same interests helped them to grow strong acquaintances, despite the fact that Daniel Patry was said to have mental instability and an explosive temper in medical evaluations.

Daniel Patry dominated the same game and amassed a tonne of virtual money. He also lent cryptocurrency to the friends of his neighbours. He once extended a loan of 20,000 virtual money to Gabriel Kuhn, one of his friends. When Patry requested Kuhn to pay the loan back, he refused, which worsened the situation.

How a murder took place:

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

Because Patry would have a lot of digital money that he would distribute to his pals, Daniel Patry along Gabriel Kuhn played a game called Tibia together as close friends. One day Patry sold 20,000 cryptocurrencies with Kuhn for some coins, but when Koehler refused to return them, Patry became enraged and decided to kill him.

He used a sharp object to stab Kuhn to death. Even yet, the detectives weren’t aware of the killer at first until they looked further into the notorious killing of the young gamer and found out here that Benjamin Patry, the terrorist’s 16-year-old acquaintance, was actually to blame.

It is expected that Patry was released from prison after doing his three-year sentence since he was there under the age of 18. If not, you might be imprisoned for the rest of his life.

Parents of Patry’s reaction

According to some reports, Patry’s parents were beautiful, nice individuals who got along well with everyone in the community, therefore his boyhood was spent in a warm home. In addition, Patry’s parents said that they had noticed psychological changes in his behaviour, such as an increase in his illogical wrath at small talk and a noticeably poorer academic performance. He would avoid interacting with his parents and friends and spend much of his time alone.

Even taking him to a psychiatrist was necessary due to how quickly his condition was developing.

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