Christmas Eve Gift Ideas: 9 Weird Presents In Every Price Range

During Christmas, people spread happiness and joy to each other. It’s the main festival of Christain but nowadays most people around the world celebrate this festival. Giving surprise gifts is very common during Christmas. Most children are excited to get their presents from Santa Claus. But choosing a perfect gift for Christmas isn’t easy. So, here are some of the weirdest and coolest Christmas eve gift ideas to make your Christmas more funny and unique this year.

What Is The Importance Of Giving Gift During Christmas

lars on Christmas gifts each year. From this, we can imagine how big this tradition is getting. There is significant importance and long history behind giving gifts during Christmas. It is one of the important Christian traditions. Christmas gifts are a representation of the references paid to the infant Jesus by the Three Wise Men in the Nativity account following his birth. The custom of exchanging presents is also thought to have been observed during Roman festivities. During Christmas, the children write letters to Santa to make their wishes. In return, Santa Claus delivers a surprise gift to them. However, this trend has become more popular these days. People not only buy one or two gifts for family members they buy more gifts for their loved ones. Now it has become a phenomenon. People spend billions of dol

Some Weird Christmas Eve Gift Ideas To Make Your Christmas Funny

1. Customized T-shirt

Apparel is one of the most common and loved gifts during Christmas. But this Christmas think something different. Instead of giving simple costumes gift them custom printed t-shirts. You can personalize it to suit your preferences. To make the party more fun, customize the t-shirt with some funny text, lines, or images. You can even add funny clipart or design which perfectly matches the Christmas theme.

2. Koozies for Drinks

Christmas falls in the month of December which is definitely a cold season. In winter people drink different hot beverages to keep their bodies warm. Drinking during Christmas parties is very common. Koozies are used to insulate and maintain the quality of all liquids. If you are thinking to gift something unique as well as affordable this Christmas, you should definitely go with the custom-printed koozies.

3. Printed socks

Christmas falls during winter and one needs to keep our body warm. So giving them socks is a perfect idea which they will surely appreciate. The shocks don’t only represent gifts but help to keep their feet warm during the cold. Add customization to make them more special. Customized gifts are always better than normal ones. You can add your own designed customization. We suggest adding some funny text or images to the design. So that they will smile whenever wear them. You can also get pre-designed socks from an online store.

4. Zombie mug

Drink some coffee, wine, whiskey, or juice in unbelievably funny or scary mugs at your Christmas party. When people see this kind of scary thing they are definitely afraid. It might be a weird gift to share during the Christmas function. The zombie characters are always scary because they contain many textures and colors present in them. Add a Christmas theme to it as well to match the Christmas vibe.

5. Christmas Apparel

During Christmas functions most commonly worn apparel is Christmas tree apparel. Christmas trees need various kinds of things while decorating. Christmas tree apparel is used in large quantities at the time of decoration. But you can think something out of it and present creepy Santa apparel. This apparel looks very scary almost everyone at the party will be scared.

6. Funny toys for kids

During Christmas especially children are expecting gifts from Santa Claus or their parents. Children don’t expect any bigger gift but simple toys and their favorite stuff. Surprise your children with some unique gifts this season that they will surely feel weird to get them. Here are some fun toys which can be easily affordable and give a funny appearance while looking into them. Flashlights, Shark Cordless Sweepers, and Handheld Massagers are some toys you can give to your children.

7. Beardaments

After the month of November boys grow their bread for the festival days in December. Beardaments are used to design your long-growing facial hair and give you a great look at the

time of Christmas. They look funny as well as weird decorating in the long-grown beard. The armaments are easily available in different stores near you or you can find them on different websites.

8. Personalized hoodie

Another thing people wear during winter is a hoodie. It keeps the body warm and hot during severe cold. If you give a hoodie as a gift they will surely appreciate it. To make it more special you can customize the hoodie with different types of pictures, posts, signatures, or Christmas-related things on it. It’s better to add some funny things or weird photos to make them laugh.


9. Personalized gift box wrapped

Giving gift boxes to children with proper wrapping which contain different types of artwork or homemade crafts will surely surprise them. Christmas Eve Gift Ideas also contain some homemade products which you can give to other people. You can keep anything of your desire in the box depending on their preferences and what you can afford.


As we said giving gifts during Christmas is a tradition and we should conserve our tradition. We gave you some of the best and funniest gift ideas which will surely help you to make your upcoming party more funny and memorable. Sometimes


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