Christina Applegate attended her Fame Walk ceremony barefoot. Why is this

Since receiving a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, Christina Applegate attended her California Walk of Merit induction event in person for the first time. Naturally, she accepted the award with the same humor that had earned her the medal in the initial place. In her address, she mentioned that she had a sickness. “Did you miss it? I don’t even have shoes on. You’re expected to chuckle at it, however.”

It can be incapacitating to have multiple sclerosis, which Christina interferes with brain-body communication. According to Mayo Clinic, the condition’s symptoms frequently impair movement and might, among other things, result in numbness or paralysis in the limbs. This can make it particularly difficult to find shoes.

Applegate stated on Twitter that “for individuals with MS the sensation of shoes may ache or make people feel off balance.” “So I was Christina myself today.

When Applegate wrote on her blog that she preferred to walk barefoot, Christina’s readers left supportive comments and related stories. A user posted, “I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. When you have MS, it might be difficult to find clothing that feels secure and comfortable.”

The “Death to Me” actress has been transparent about her experience with MS on digital networking, raising awareness of the condition. Christina asked her followers for advice on which “expensive walker” she should bring to the event in an effort to normalize mobility aids. She tweeted a picture of a few possibilities from Neo Walk Sticks along with the statement, “Walking sticks become parts of my new normal.” Evidently, she chose the walking frame with a wristband in black and white.
I want individuals to comprehend that I am acutely conscious of everything.” However, Applegate has just demonstrated how fashionable your accessories — from a zimmer frame to the ideal manicure — can be while declaring FU to MS.

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